I can’t see folders like .github or dotfiles

By default we hide any dotfile like .github or .husky and files ignored by your .gitignore. If you want to show these files/folders, you have two options:

  • With your cursor on the file explorer, press shift + u and/or shift + i to show dotfiles/ignored files.
  • Or, you can also change the default filters for the file explorer. Please check out the customization section of the file explorer here.

Icons are not working

You need to install a powerline font like NERD Fonts and set it up that font in your terminal. We’re using SpaceMono Nerd Font in our screenshots. A powerline font is required for a better experience, since we’re using a font-based icons in the file explorer, file finder, etc.

How to change the default leader

Check this guide.

How to create custom mappings

Check this guide.

I don’t have the .bettervimrc

To create the .bettervimrc file on your setup, run the following comand:

curl -L https://bettervim.com/bettervimrc/YOUR_LICENSE | bash
Don’t forget to replace YOUR_LICENSE with your license key provided by Gumroad.

I’m seeing weird error messages

If you already had a previous installation of Neovim, and after installed Better Vim you are seeing some weird error messages, you should clean up your system, removing everything that was automatically created by Neovim or its dependencies.

Follow the steps below:

rm -rf ~/.config/nvim
rm -rf ~/.cache/nvim
rm -rf ~/.local/nvim
rm -rf ~/.local/share/nvim
rm -rf ~/.local/state/nvim

If you keep seeing weird errors, feel free to drop us a message at [email protected] and we’ll try to help you.