Better Vim comes with lots of slick defaults. Here is a complete list of common mappings that you may need:

  • ctrl + s : Save file
  • leader + eb : Open your neovim config file (better-vim.lua)
  • leader + ev : Open Better Vim default config file
  • leader + sv : Reload the neovim config
  • leader + cl : Clear searching highlights
  • ctrl + / : Toggle comment line (in normal mode) or block (in visual mode)
  • ctrl + n : Toggle File Explorer
  • leader + p : Paste over a selection without losing the last copied text
  • leader + o : Go to older cursor position
  • leader + i : Go to newer cursor position
  • leader + q : When nvim-tree is opened, it closes the buffer without closing the window

Only available in Visual Mode

  • shift + j : Move selected text one line down
  • shift + k : Move selected text one line up

Tip: You can use shift + v to select the whole line and enter Visual Mode at the same time.

  • ctrl + h, j, k or l : Navigate between buffers


  • alt/option + tab number (e.g 1) : Navigate to a specific tab

If you’re using iTerm2 the mapping above will not work due some limitations with the iTerm2 built in mappings.

To customize mappings for tabs, check the custom mappings documentation page.