For MacOS

  • Nodejs
  • Git
  • Brew
  • unzip

For Linux (Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora and WSL2)

  • Nodejs
  • Git
  • unzip

Semi-optional requisites

  • A powerline font like NERD Fonts. We’re using SpaceMono Nerd Font in our screenshots. A powerline font is required for a better experience, since we’re using a font-based icons in the file explorer, file finder, etc.
  • If you want to achieve the same beautiful results of our screenshots, we recommend you to use a terminal emulator that support custom themes, like Iterm2 (MacOS only) or WezTerm (Linux and MacOS). Since you’re using Better Vim with our default themes (or even with custom themes) you’ll probably want to use the same theme in neovim and in the terminal emulator.

Installing Better Vim

To install Better Vim, you need a terminal or a terminal emulator like Iterm2 or WezTerm. Open your terminal and run the following command:

curl -L | bash

Don’t forget to replace the value of YOUR_LICENSE with your Better Vim license generated by Gumroad. To get your license key, go to your Gumroad account and check Better Vim product page.

This command will install neovim, its peer dependencies and everything needed for your Better Vim setup.

Testing your setup

Open your terminal in a project and type nvim. You’ll see a screen like that:

Better Vim File Finder Screenshot

If you can see the screen above, you’re ready to go 🚀